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Two Magically Hypnotic Words

The two words are:

•   You

•   Because

You is a very powerful word. People don’t like to hear “I, me, my, or mine” come from your mouth.

People are more interested in themselves than any other person on the face of the planet. You can find this in several different books on selling, persuasion, influence and communication. It’s something however that most people don’t do realizing there is nothing more of a turn off to someone than a person talking about themselves.

When you use the word YOU, it forces you to listen -- an act that most people aren’t good at doing when conversing with others. Of course, when you apply covert hypnosis, it requires you to talk, I agree. However, a big part of persuading another person is to ask specific questions and to listen. Then, use the information they reveal to you to get them to focus on an action.

For example: When I’m talking to a woman, and I want her to feel attracted to me. I don’t just start talking about what it’s like to feel attracted to a guy using a language pattern.

Although, don’t get me wrong, it does work to a degree. But it’s a numbers game.

Remember in the last article when I talked about improving your conversions? When you use a language pattern like the one I gave you in article one, it only works with numbers. That is, it’ll work on one woman today, a when you apply with someone tomorrow it may not work. What using a language pattern over and over again does is it puts you into a stagnant position where there is no room for growth. You have to use it on a number of women before you recognize success.

As a master covert hypnotist, you must always apply what helps you to grow continuously. Your job is to convert as many sales or lovers or any other desire as often and as much as possible. So, you do that by listening. You do that by asking questions. If I’m talking to a woman, instead of me just applying a hypnotic pattern, I’ll ask her what it is that she finds most attractive in a guy.

Then, I’ll shut up and let her tell me. This way, I can play the role, or I can create a language pattern on the fly using the information she gave me.

Maybe what causes her to feel attracted is when a guy is goofy. So, I’ll act goofy. Maybe she wants a guy whose sensitive, so later in the conversation I’ll tell her a story about a time when I rescued a bird with a broken wing. On the flipside of the coin, I can create a language pattern that makes her feel that I am a goofy person.

Here’s an example:

“Have you ever met someone and immediately know that you were going to like that person? Maybe there was a specific quality like goofiness that just totally draws you in closer to that person? And as you begin to notice those qualities… etc”

Sometimes, I’ll ask who her favorite actor is so I can at times act like that actor would. By the way, this is a great way to spice up your romantic relationship if you’re already in one.

Simply ask, and be that actor from time to time. You’ll connect on a level you’ve never thought possible just by doing this.

Think about this for a minute.

Suppose I asked a woman “Have you ever fantasized about an actor as you grew up and thought to yourself that you’d like to marry that guy because you knew he would make you feel just right? … feelings you can’t feel anywhere else?”

They tell you yes and then, they reveal who it is.

Over the next few weeks, you can do your research and study about this particular actor, inherit some behaviors of this actor and begin to apply them while you’re around her.

Magically, unconsciously, she’ll begin to connect with that inner child that longs to be with a guy who can make her feel so good. Attraction towards you will begin to naturally increase.

Notice how this all communicates unconsciously. Questions are useful to you as you begin your master of covert hypnosis. You already found out how to do this in the previous articles. Utilize this skill. Remember to talk about them by using the word YOU.

Now, let’s talk about the word because…

Because is a powerful word. It causes a person to comply with your request. “Could you please turn on the light?” would not be as powerful as “could you please turn on the light because you’re closer?”

There are countless studies about this particular word. When you inject the word because into a sentence, people normally don’t even think twice about complying with your request. I think it has something do to with how we are raised. When you ask your parents over and over again if you can do something, and finally you ask “But why” and the parent says “because I said so.” And since they said “because I said so” they mean business. Don’t they? It’s the last and final reaction you’d get from your parents.

So as you’re communicating with other people, the word because used often works similarly. When you use the word because, it’s like saying to them unconsciously “It’s the last and final reason why so just accept it.”

I had a girlfriend who wanted a raise from her boss. She tried several times to get one. Then, one day she called me and asked me how she can get a raise. I simply told her to say something like “I need a raise because I have a lot of bills and because I need to make sure that I can eat properly and because I have to pay for my storage and because I have worked here for three years and because…” you get my point.

So did her boss. At this point the boss said “okay, okay, you can have a raise already.” Then he made the mistake of asking her what she had in mind.

So she started in again “Well, I need a $3 dollar raise because it helps me get out of debt and because I want to be able to make my car payment on time for once and because I need to…”

Did she get the $3 raise? Yes. She did. She called me up excited on the phone to reveal to me that she did in fact get the raise she wanted simply because she kept using the word because!

And you can do the same thing! There is no telling how powerful this is. If someone is giving you a hard time or you fear how someone might react to what you’d like to request, simply remember this word BECAUSE it’ll blow your mind what it can do for you. 

How do you think these two strategies will help you get the results you’re looking for in your social situations?

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