Hypnosis and Hypnotism

If you've ever been to a stage hypnosis show, you may have been quite impressed with the seemingly magical feats displayed by the stage hypnotist. Perhaps you thought that you too would like to learn stage hypnosis, and how it works.

In this article I will be discussing the basic principles behind stage hypnosis and how it operates. This should give you an understanding of the techniques involved, and help you in your journey to learn stage hypnosis.

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To begin with, a stage hypnotist will always conduct some form of induction with the audience before getting to the real “meat” of the show (which is bringing people up on stage to be hypnotized). This induction normally consists of having all the audience imagine that they're in some distant place, or having them raise both of their hands and imagining that one is lighter or heavier than the other.

What this does is it relaxed the audience and sets them in the mood to be hypnotized. You see, once someone has been hypnotized once, they can easily be rehypnotized again by the same person with just the click of a finger. The trick with stage hypnosis is to hypnotize the audience before volunteers are brought up on stage. Since the volunteers would have been hypnotized at the beginning of the show when they were in the crowd, they will easily fall into hypnosis again once they come up on stage.

This is a crucial step that you should be aware of if you wish to learn stage hypnosis. Most people are not aware that when the hypnotist is guiding them into hypnosis, and explaining to them what hypnosis is, that they're actually becoming perfect volunteers. If the hypnotist just asked someone on the street to come up on stage, then odds are the hypnotist wouldn't be able to hypnotize them with just the click of their fingers.

Now once an audience member comes up on stage, they will already have confidence in the hypnotist, especially since they experience hypnosis earlier, and are aware of what it is. This builds up expectation in the person that hypnosis will work. All the hypnotist must then do is simply click their fingers, and the person will enter into a trance state. Once a person is in this state of trance, they become susceptible to whatever suggestions the hypnotist wishes to plant.

One of the most popular suggestions is of course to make a person believe they're a chicken, although if you want to learn stage hypnosis, it's always good to improvise and try something different. 

Now there is of course a lot more to stage hypnosis that what this article has explained, and there is no way I could explain it all within this article alone. Therefore if you want to learn stage hypnosis, then I recommend finding out a good online course that will teach you the techniques required.


Hypnosis Games

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Hypnosis has found its applications in almost every field. It has been used for curing many psychological problems as well as body related problems. Hypnosis has not just invaded and helped the medical sciences but the entertainment industry world wide has also benefitted from this concept. There are so many interactive websites online that uses hypnotism for games, sessions, sell hypnosis music and similar other things. From this entire slot hypnosis games popularized a lot. There are many hypnosis games online and in real as well that have revalorized the gaming industry.

There are so many hypnosis games that if we start making a list of such games then the list will go on and on. Here we have mentioned a few hypnosis games that are quite interesting and are popular as well.

  1. Pokémon heart gold
  2. Pokémon platinum
  3. Sam and max save the world

Pokémon hypnosis games have actually denominated this industry since they have been discovered. Everyone loves to watch them on TV and play their online games as well. If you are unable to find hypnosis games in the markets near you then try searching for them online. Hypnosis games can be played online and can be downloaded as well. If you wish to buy some high end hypnosis games online then you can do that as well. Each and every variety of hypnosis games is available easily online. There are many options to choose from online in case of hypnosis games. 

First consult your friends and real life games designers for taking recommendations on what game is good and which ones are not.

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