7 Little Steps to Authentic Happiness

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After spending more than a decade researching personal achievement and authentic happiness , I'm ready to provide these seven quick self improvement pointers as a way of giving back and helping someone like you to enjoy greater success in your life.

Daily Journaling

When you research the most significant names through history , you'll find that the majority of them were also writers. Writing down your ideas and feelings helps you to focus your thoughts and develop a sense of self-awareness which will give you the ability to reinvent yourself on demand and help you to develop non-negotiable self-confidence.


This is easily the most consistently neglected of these seven self improvement steps ... even though it's also one of the most useful . Meditation is the simplest way to get rid of stress and clear your mind from "garbage thoughts" which create worry and anxiety . Regular meditation also helps to slow your heart rate and control your digestion among a myriad of other health improvements .

Meditation also improves the restfulness of your sleep and enables your body to recover faster . Unquestionably , the practice of meditation is the one thing that helps make the other six of the seven self improvement tips for better and be your best self help

Positive Expectations

People who accomplish wonderful things in life are not normally anymore intelligent or capable than most of us . But they do one thing that many intelligent people don't think about : they expect to win, even before they have figured out how they'll do it .

Having belief is the beginning , and if you begin with a foundation of assumed expectancy, the rest is just a matter of perseverance.

Writing Goals and Plans of Actions

The habit of writing down clear and specific goals and action plans for achieving those goals is a must if you want to accomplish anything. This is because writing down your goals clarifies them and begins building an expectation in your head . Also, goals don't happen on their own . Action plans give you a manageable set of actions to take daily towards the success of your long-term goal .

Be A Whole Person

Personal development is about all parts of your life . Every single area of your life affects every remaining part either directly or indirectly . When your family life is out of balance , it will impact your health and your finance . If your health is ignored it's going to affect your personal growth and it will be harder for you to marshal the discipline to achieve any of your objectives .

So no matter what you're trying to do , being well-rounded is the key to living a balanced life and for having the energy , the willpower , the monetary security and the social support system necessary in order to accomplish great things . 

Positive Affirmations 

Positive affirmations have more power than you can imagine and will literally change your personality, your character, your deeds and your life . Give yourself one simple   positive affirmation for the most important parts of your life (health , relationships , money and work ) and promise yourself to say them out loud twice daily .

Teach to Learn

If you choose to own these tips , share them with other people . The more you help other people to understand the principles of personal growth, the clearer your understanding will be.   Even without someone to help , you can write about the lessons of personal development and finding happiness.

To your success !

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