Enthusiasm, One Of The Most Powerful Emotions We Can Experience

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Now, consider this: in Napoleon Hill’s Book “Think And Grow Rich” he identifies the emotion “Enthusiasm” to be one of the 7 most powerful emotions we as humans can experience.

Keeping that in mind, enthusiasm plays a big role in covert hypnotic talking. It makes the words you say come alive. It brings out the passion, excitement and wonder for life. People are easily infected with enthusiasm.

The easiest way to become enthusiastic when you talk with others is to simply “have fun” when saying big words. For example: take the word enormous. You could say it in a wimpy, wispy manner that is dull and said on a monotone level. Or, you could say it with enthusiasm. You do this by simply “getting into” what you’re saying.

Just have fun!

Some real world every day examples can be our best teacher. We’ve all heard a sport’s announcer at one point in our lives. They are enthusiastic. Radio Dj’s are also enthusiastic (well, some are).   Watch infomercials and the home shopping network - if enthusiasm sells, it must be good.

Below is a list of words. Practice saying each one out loud with enthusiasm. Remember, it’s important you “feel” the word. Get into it. Enjoy talking! Then, notice how people naturally “follow” what you’re saying.

Say the following words with enthusiasm. It may also help to use each word in a sentence to realize its effect:

•   Amazing

•   Gigantic

•   Exciting

•   Enormous

•   Teeny Tiny

•   Alive

•   Lust

Now, you’ve come a long way while reading this article but there’s still one more skill to cover and that skill is your “rhythm”. You’ll soon realize why your rhythm will make or break your success. Every other skill in these articles supplements your rhythm.   Therefore, it’s recommended you learn them all.

The key is to keep your listener in suspense. You want them to be curious, and to… anticipate what you say next. This is where being “animated” plays a major role.

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