Health Benefits Of Massage

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Is Massage something to be guilty about?

Do you think of Massage  as a form of Indulgence or something to be guilty about?  Well let me get that straight.  Massage actually has real health benefits!  To start  with, if you make body massage a regular part of your wellness program, it can help maintain  and preserve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Health Benefits of Massage:

•Body Massage brings in a sense of peace and wellbeing by relaxing the nervous system.  That is an exceptional benefit for folks who're getting bad cases of insomnia or folks who are having trouble sleeping.  Sleep is pretty essential for the reason that it’s the time when our body repairs itself.  That’s precisely why we need to sleep 8 hours a day for the reason that that is the amount of time our body needs for the healing process.
•Body Massage improves our blood circulation.  When we spend a lot of time sitting or standing, our blood circulation becomes poor due to the fact our blood pools in our legs.  Given that our blood carries oxygen and nutrients towards the distinctive components of our body, it implies trouble when there is not sufficient blood moving around.  This can be mainly because there is going to be much less oxygen and vitamins delivered to our cells and tissues.  Massage can deliver our blood back into our circulation.  As an outcome, all our cells and tissues will get enough nourishment and they'll function optimally.
•Body Massage stimulates our Lymphatic System that is our body’s natural detoxifying center.  It is located just beneath our skin surface and it is responsible for protecting our body from microbes and other foreign substances; and CANCER cells!   Given that it is superficially located, massage can stimulate it and can allow it to be more successful in flushing out toxic substances from our body.
•Body Massage is very successful in relieving muscle cramps and muscle spasms.  Cramps and spasms are really painful involuntary muscle contractions.  They occur right after vigorous muscle contractions, simply because if the muscles work too a lot they become dehydrated and their potassium level drops.  So, massage can relieve and stop cramps and spasms by improving the blood circulation in the muscular tissues.  When blood circulation is improved, fluids and potassium along with other nutrients will likely be delivered to the muscle cells.
•Body Massage can relieve pain. Pain impulses are only felt or perceived as pain once they reach our brain.  During massage, sensations from the rubbing and kneading and also the sensation of pain pass via the exact same nerves and mainly because a great deal of impulses run via the exact same nerves, a traffic jam of sensory impulses is formed.  Because of the traffic, most of the impulses don’t reach our brain and when pain impulses do not reach our brain, we will not really feel any pain.

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