How To Give Yourself Suggestions

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At this point you start counting to ten, giving yourself suggestions that your right hand which already has a light feeling will begin to slowly rise to your chin. Time the counting to coincide with the actual physical act of raising your hand. You are trying to feel an involuntary urge to raise your hand. The movement itself should also be of an unconscious rather than conscious nature. A conscious raising of your hand to your chin is not what you are looking for in this test. Should you experience difficulty in attaining the first movement of your hand, you can give yourself assistance by consciously and slowly raising your hand just to get it started. The rest of the movement, as mentioned, must be automatic. Should you find it necessary to start your hand rising, use the feed-back technique to continue the movement. You can give yourself the following suggestions:

"One ... My right hand is beginning to rise. Two ... My right hand is very, very light, and I am getting an irresistible urge to slowly raise it. Three ... This feeling is getting stronger and stronger. Four ... My right hand is rising more and more. Five ... My hand is rising toward my chin. Six ... As soon as my hand touches my chin, I shall fall into a deeper and sounder state of hypnosis. Seven ... My hand is rising closer and closer toward my chin. Eight ... The feeling of lightness is becoming stronger and stronger. Nine ... My right hand is about to touch my chin; as soon as it does, I'll fall into a very deep hypnotic state.

Ten ... My right hand is touching my chin; I'm falling deeper and deeper into a sound hypnotic state; I'll ow slowly lower my hand and continue falling into a deep, sound, pleasant state of hypnosis. The light feeling has left my hand."

You should not attempt to memorize the exact phraseology for any of the tests. You are to merely use the suggestions that have been written out for you as a guide. The timing of the suggestions is the paramount consideration in attaining successful results. Don't be impatient. Take as much time as you need. Should you find yourself unsuccessful after ten or fifteen minutes, drop the test and come back to it another day. I haven't found that working at a specific test all day long accomplishes the end result.

It is best to work for a specific period every day. In this way, the conditioned response pattern is established for the success of the tests as well as the success of the posthypnotic suggestions that you have given yourself. You should bear in mind that if you have been successful in achieving the first five tests, you have reached a medium state of hypnosis, and posthypnotic suggestions will be extremely effective. In the next chapter, you'll learn, psychologically, how to go even deeper into hypnosis. You'll learn those psychological factors that are important to know and that can contribute to your development into an excellent hypnotic subject. Following this, the subsequent chapter will give you further tests and instructions for developing into a somnambulistic subject.

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