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His name is John Assaraf. You may have first heard of him in the movie or book "The Secret" -- He was one of the people who helped launch it into a worldwide phenomenon. He is also a multi-millionaire business owner, wealth coach and worldwide thought leader in the world of neuroscience and quantum physics and how they relate to achieving success in life and business Over the past 20 years, John Assaraf has built 5 multi-million dollar companies.

 But it wasn't always like this. A middle class home is where John grew uo (in other words, no family money to start him off). He never went to college. The reason? Because To pay for his schooling,  he was counting on a basketball scholarship.

John's big dream was to be a professional basketball player. But when he was injured in a terrible car crash that landed him in the hospital with broken ribs and a ruptured disc in his back. That ended his dream of going to college and playing the sport he loved and was gifted in.

 At 19, depressed and looking for something to do that wouldn't require him trading his life for bagging groceries, John decided to try real estate sales. It was really the only option he had with just a grade 11 education that would potentially give him the ability to make more than just minimum wage.

 Luckily for him, early on in his career he found a mentor who taught him all about sales, goal setting, visualizations and more. Quickly becoming one of the top real estate agents in his office as John was an excellent student. He did so well that he decided it was time to become more than a sales representative and bought the franchising rights to the ReMax region in Indiana. That's where he met his second mentor, who also taught him about business and wealth.

 John grew that company to $4-billion in sales and over 1,000 real estate agents before moving on to growing other companies to multi-millions in revenue.

 John continued through it all, to practice everything he learned about visualizations, goal-setting, meditation, positive self-talk, etc. from his mentors. Clearly he saw it work. But John didn't know why it worked nor did he care. The only thing that mattered to him is the more he used visualizations, goal setting, affirmations and meditation the more successful he became. He didn't know it then but he was doing these "Innercises" in a way that was different than the way everyone else does them…. It all changed for him one day. When he found his "house" in a sealed box, that was when it wasn't enough to simply know something worked. He wanted to know WHY. 

Continue reading about John Assaraf and learn his incredible story and SECRET!!

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