Learning About The Metamorphic Technique & Shiatsu Massage

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Shiatsu originated from the Japanesse culture However, the Chinese personalized it and now use the rules of the meridian healing system. Shiatsu is a massage technique which utilizes the power of touch as well as the application of pressure.

Shiatsu benifits those who endure aches and stress, any long term repetitive movements such as writing, keyboard, computer mouse, and other repetitive motion devices.

If an individuals body becomes demanding, the immune system becomes weak and susceptible to contracting diseases. If a person loses energy, this shows that the body is becoming weak, the organs are not functioning properly, and bodily tissues are slowly failing. The Qi (chi) cannot flow as freely. The Shiatsu massage  practitioner  will step in to help complete the process of boosting one's immune system. The massage therapist makes use of a pressure method that uses the thumbs, fingers and palms in massaging the area based on the right amount of pressure that should be used on the affected area. Massage techniques that are used involve squeezing, tapping and rubbing so that trapped energy may be set free from the body.

Shiatsu massage healing is well known for a diversity of problems including the following: Back pain, herniated/bulging discs, headaches, frozen shoulders, carpal tunnel syndrome, abdominal pain, anxiety disorders, dizziness and weakness, gastrointestinal disorders, whiplash injuries, migraines, joint pain, sciatica nerve pain, tennis elbow, stress and fatigue, muscle pain disorders, and vertigo.

Shiatsu massage has become known for curing medical disorders and has prevented them from progressing any further. Shiatsu Massage helps to restore the full function of body parts that were affected by health issues. This massage technique provides a lot of additional benefits including: complete relaxation, preventing disease, relieving  stress and anxiety, increasing mental and spiritual well-being, balancing menstrual cycles, getting rid of toxins as well as wastes from the body, improving blood circulation, balancing the Qi (chi) in one's body, increasing the mobility as well as the flexibility in one's body, relaxing the body's musculoskeletal structures, clearing the mind of cloudiness, and increasing sexual exuberance.

The Metamorphic Technique is a profound and unique tool for personal growth and transformation. All of us have great potential but because of our limiting beliefs, we tend to get ourselves in a rut and we cannot realize our full potential. We may experience physical, emotional or mental problems, or we may experience limiting attitudes or repetitive patterns of behavior or response.

The Metamorphic Technique not only offers a fascinating and new way to look at life but the likelihood to change it. It is during the gestational period that the potential of human life is established. A session with the practitoner for an adult lasts for one hour though shorter sessions can also be given.

When the Metamorphic Technique is practiced, it involves touching lightly along the reflex points of the hands, feet and head. The person may assume the most comfortable position that he/she wants. Most people find that a Metamorphic Technique session is quite enjoyable and relaxing. Anyone can use this technique - young, old, healthy, sick, humans, or even animals. This technique is completely safe, gentle, and non-invasive. Since it is the individual's own life force doing the healing, it can do no harm. The Metamorphic Technique can be used by itself or with other approaches no matter if it is conventional or alternative medicine.

Kinect 2 Health offers services which include Shiatsu Massage, Metamorphic Technique, and facial massage to promote personal empowerment, balanced healthcare, good nutrition, simple exercise and an awareness of what you can do this year to fulfil your desires.

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