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The power of affirmations

A lot of people use affirmations or have at least heard talk about them. Some people find they are excellent , other people only seem to get average results . What makes affirmations work – or may an important question be ‘do affirmations actually work?’.

it’s easy to dismiss things if it doesn’t work at first, but sometimes a thing that totally work may take a little time to practice.

Affirmations might be in truth effective, as long as you follow some of the rules for designing and utilising them.

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is saying   something like ‘I am confident’ again and again to yourself.

it’s a little like making a suggestion to yourself. Effective suggestions work by totally being able to accept them, so if you completely don’t believe it, they won’t work as effectively .

Another thing that’s important is to say the affirmation in a way that is as if you totally believe it. If you say ‘I feel confident’ in a weak and feeble voice, it won’t be that effective. If your big picture is to build your confidence , say it as if you believe it (just pretend you do if you don’t! – It can make a big difference!).

Using suggestions might take some weeks of consistent use prior to they become effective. However with practice they may totally become powerful . You may even have a monumental influence on your physiology . I used to get nose bleeds that would last for hours , however now I could just suggest ‘the bleeding is ceasing ’ and a nose bleed can stop within moments . This could take a lot of practice, but it’s worth the practice to get awe-inspiring results.

So here are some secrets to follow to create powerful affirmations to help you accomplish your outcome:

1 Mull over your big picture cautiously

2  Create your affirmation – make sure you state it positively – what you desire , and not what you don’t want . it is basic to know what we don’t   wish like ‘I don’t want to be anxious’ but when you say this, you have to focus on the thing you don’t desire .

3  State it positively , for example ‘I feel composed and confident’

4  Stand in a way that matches the affirmation – if it is about being confident you might find it helpful to stand in a way as if you are confident.

5  Repeat the affirmation out loud in a way that matches the affirmation. How would you repeat it if you in truth believed it? This will completely make a difference. Say it it 10 – 20 times.

You will repeat this a lot of times throughout the day – keep doing it for a few weeks

The more you repeat it the more effective it could be


For affirmations to become incredibly effective, you genuinely want to build upon your power to communicate with your subconscious mind.

A totally outstanding way to develop your unwitting communication is to learn NLP or hypnosis. I regularly see clients for hypnotherapy in London, and they will achieve amazing results when they develop their unconscious communication. NLP is a very powerful tool for change.


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