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Underground Hypnosis Course Exposed

underground hypnosis course exposed

By Taylor Starr, the Underground Hypnosis Course is a combination of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Hypnosis, Social Engineering, and Seduction. This combination equals VERY powerful persuasion techniques.
You are about to learn the secrets that most people will never know about hypnosis. Underground Hypnosis can be easy and fun for you, if you use the right methods.

What you will get with the underground hypnosis course

With Black Ops-Underground Hypnosis Course you will receive 6 CDs and 5 e-Books.
  1. Black OPs Focus
  2. Photo Memory Hypnosis
  3. Iron Man Pattern
  4. Black Mirror Operations
  5. Weight Loss
  6. Stop Smoking

and the e-Books:

  1. How to hypnotize any living thing
  2. Advanced hypnosis techniques
  3. Dark arts beginners guide
  4. Mind seduction revealed
  5. Mind readind secrets
Unlike regular hypnosis, you can easily hypnotize people under normal conversation and circumstances with Black Ops 'Underground Hypnosis'. It's rather simple actually, using advanced language patterns (the author even GIVES you the exact scripts he personally uses every day), you can 'steer' conversations and literally have ANYONE eating out of the palm of your hand.

Is Underground Hypnosis Course Right For You, or it is a Scam?

The one Underground Hypnosis technique that Taylor Starr states “should be illegal” is recognized as the No Cleaver. Taught to him from the supreme member in the Triad, this truly is the greatest Jedi mind-trick: all through a (seemingly) normal discussion you hypnotize another person into firmly believing that it is basically incorrect to disagree with some thing you say, no matter what it is.
Taylor Starr states that not only has he now firmly infiltrated the underground hypnosis world, even obtaining “one in the freakiest people around the planet”, a person dubbed The Trader, meet up with with him, but his secrets and techniques could make any-one’s lifestyle a lot much better in almost any way: monetarily, sexually, and in issues of energy and self-confidence.
But Taylor Starr warns that within the occasion you buy his secrets and techniques, which he reserves the right to market for a good higher price subsequent today’s date (what ever today’s date is, which incorporates the yr, “magically” seems inside the appropriate spot on his splash-page), you've to in no way share them with a further person, for they are like weapons of mass destruction when they drop in towards the fingers of evil people.
Could it be for real or maybe a rip-off? Or is Taylor Starr’s best hypnotic trick acquiring people to supply him money in trade for empty phrases? It's tough for one to know.
Whatever you hold in your mind at any given time, your body moves toward that direction. Your body can be directed to move in a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual direction.
Hypnosis is a wonderful state of mind to be experiencing.
See how it's done here: Underground Hypnosis Course.
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  • Lee Darrow May 17, 2008, 11:59 pm

    “How to Hypnotize ANY Living Thing?!”


    How does one hypnotize a virus, a microbe or a PLANT (other than one used in the audience of a 3-day-wonder class graduate who claims to be a “Master Stage Hypnotist,” of course)?

    The methods for hypnotizing fungi and mollusks, in general, should make for FASCINATING reading and may even amount to a full hypnotic induction, in and of themselves!

    There are times when you guys are too funny for words.

    Have you thought of taking this act on the stage?

    There’s one leaving from the Wild West Village in about ten minutes…

  • Winnipeg Hypnotist Daniel Normandeau February 4, 2009, 4:21 am

    Excellent site, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn hypnosis.

  • Jon Rhodes May 7, 2009, 9:11 pm

    Yes this is a very useful course. It contains many hours of audio which explains to you many different techniques for conversational hypnosis.