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Influence: How to Supercharge and Accelerate it

It only makes sense that when you hypnotize people, whether you're using stories, quotes or language patterns or any other tool you've learned in these articles, that you add urgency to act now. This is one of the many mistakes I see with most salesman and seducers. They get people so worked up emotionally, yet they fail to get them to act on those feelings now. You see, people act on emotion and justify it with logic. So of course, you need to get people to FEEL things to get them to act. And you do that by applying one or more of the following techniques:

Technique # 1: Punctuation Ambiguity

You're going to see later in these articles more examples of ambiguity and how it can be used, but since you're just now first learning about it, let me tell you what it is. Punctuation ambiguity is when you can't tell when a sentence ends and another begins. For example, look at the following sentence: "... and it's so interesting how you can just do that. Now, with me, I know that when I feel that..."

The hidden command in the above sentence is "Just do that now with me" even though there is an end of a sentence and a beginning. Now, it adds a sense of urgency, doesn’t' it? You're telling them to "do that NOW" not later. The added BONUS is to do it now with you! Of course, it’s obvious that when you tell people to do things now it creates a sense of urgency. Punctuation ambiguity gives you the leverage to indirectly tell people to act now. It’s easy to apply. Here are some more examples of how you can apply punctuation ambiguity.

•   (command at the end of sentence). Now, …

This is simply the act of creating a hypnotic command using a sneak phrase, and moving on with what you're describing by saying "Now" and continue with your pattern or speaking.

•   Right? Now, let me...

You'll notice the above statement kicks even more power into your urgency. You aren't telling the person to do it now, you're telling them to "do it RIGHT NOW".

Here are two examples of how it could be used so that you understand how you can apply it:

•   Since you've read this far, it's obvious you want to learn how it's done, right? Now, before you jump ahead and do that, there's one last thing you need to know.

•   Apparently by what you're telling me, this is exactly something you want to get a hold of right? Now, what is it exactly that makes you feel you’re making the correct choice?

So when you're creating your language patterns, be sure to include this application as often or as much as you can to ensure the person will not delay to act now.

Technique # 2: Coloring the feelings

This skill requires deep rapport with another person and an attitude that things are “neat.”

What do I mean by that? Let me illustrate it for you:

I was talking with a woman and she was having problems with her elderly mom.

You see, her mom was for a lack of better words -- losing her mind. She was very old, forgetting things and becoming very cranky with other her. If she couldn't find something, she'd blame this woman that she stole it, misplaced it or some other irrational or untrue reason. When she came to me, she told me that she knew that her mom was just loosing it, but the problem was that it was really aggravating her tremendously. She spoke of how she would "snap" back at her and lose her patience and felt guilty about doing those things. She wanted it to stop.

So I said to her "hey, let's try an imagination experiment. Why don't you imagine yourself in the situation that aggravates you so that you begin to feel those unpleasant feelings one last time." (Notice how I imply by presupposing she’s only going to feel those feelings once more and never again!)

She went back in the past and I noticed her physiology change (her eyes squinted, her face flushed, she clenched her jaw). I said "great. Now that as you're now feeling this feeling for only one last time, if I were to completely remove that feeling from you and hold it in my hands so that you can look at it... now, you're probably not aware that there is a color to this feeling but if you were to see that color, what color would it be?"

And she said it was orange.

(Note: For a lack of a better way to explain what I did, I basically asked her where she felt that feeling and she pointed in her chest and then, I simply "pretended" to reach inside of there and draw this feeling out. And as I held this imaginary ball of energy in my hands, I moved my fingers around to make it more real to her.) Once she told me the color, I asked her what positive feelings can we add to that color so that it no longer is negative because it's too infected with exciting new powerful positive emotions. She kinda hesitated... so I asked her "What about playfulness, could we add that feeling?" She agreed.

And I said "How about forgiveness, could we add that too?" She agreed again. So here I am with my other hand putting in new feelings inside this imaginary ball in my hand. I proceeded to say "Wow, this feeling I'm holding is already beginning to feel better." And once she understood she could put any feeling in there, she named of several other positive feelings she'd like to add.

And once we were done with that, I simply asked her "Now that all these new feelings are inside here, what happens if I completely reach in there and pull out all the negative feelings only as fast as the rest of the positive feelings make you feel better?"

Instantly her physiology changed. I asked her again while reaching into that imaginary ball "is it okay for me to remove these negative feelings right now (taking them out and pulling them away from her) or would you rather me just give them back to you (and I hesitated to put them back in the ball) and she replied "no, I don't want them."

Note: This is fractionation. We talked about opening and closing the door in a previous article. Remember it’s important to compare on contrast with feelings you’re replacing.

So I proceeded to say "So Now that those negative feelings are removed and dissolved completely and forever, you'll probably notice that the color of the feeling I’m now holding has changed, hasn't it?" And she agreed by telling me it was now purple. I said "great, now as I hold this new purple feeling outside of you, in just a few moments you're going to experience an instant positive change for the better as I put it back in you. As the matter of fact, you're probably not aware of the fact that you already feel better, but you're about to feel even better still."

I put the energy back into her chest and said "now, notice how much better you feel about the situation. On a scale of one to ten, how do you feel?" She replied "7!" "Great. Now how surprised would you be to find out that's only a taste of how good you really can feel because I invite you to notice what happens as that color begins to grow... filling your entire chest... working it's way through ever cell of your being. Multiplying and absorbing itself as comfortably as you allow it to.

Now, on a scale of one to ten, tell me how you feel and she said "20!" Three weeks later I get a phone call. It was her on the other end. She not only reported that her relationship with her mom improved, but her mom didn't accuse her of anything like she used to. Could it be because she believed and put her intention out into the universe she would rather experience different things with her mother instead?

I think so! She attracted me and my mind tools into her life to change her situation. But notice how I used the color of the feeling and MULTIPLIED and EXPANDED that feeling inside her. You can do the same thing with other people. Now I've used this example to show you how to help people. However, you can also use it to accelerate sexual or loving and trusting feelings in another - or anything else you can think of!

A great way to introduce this method is to simply say "I was reading these articles the other day that showed me a "neat" little process that allows you to feel incredible." Naturally, the person listening to you will be curious about it. Now suppose you're trying to get a woman to be with you. OR a man. It doesn't matter, it'll work for either side.

You could begin by saying "Let me ask you something. When you're really attracted to a person, when you really feel that sense of incredible closeness with them, what's the first signal you get on the inside that let's you know "yes, this is the one?" Then, you can pull that color out. Show it to them. Ask them to verify its color. Put it back in them. Then, expand and multiply it.

KEY POINT: you must ask them on a scale from one to ten how it feels before and after you expand the color simply because you're making it more real to them. Since you're asking for their participation, it MUST be real because THEY will make it real in their own mind.

So what you’re doing while applying this is you’re boosting the sense of urgency to act on those newly powerful feelings of attraction, lust, love, sexuality etc.

I encourage you to apply this technique with people that you already know. Practice with your spouse, or friends to get the hang of it.

Technique # 3: You won't get it if you don't act now

This is simply a "you're going to experience pain in the future if you don't do what I say" technique. As in, if you don't act now, you might miss out on an opportunity, or you might continue to have this problem. OR you'll kick yourself later if you don't act now etc. In short: you're showing them to pain of not acting. You already got a glimpse of this in a previous article, but it bears repeating for the sake of getting people to respond or to act now with no delay.

Men call me all the time and ask me "What's the best way to get a woman to want me to be hers without delay?" I always tell them to create urgency. And the best way to do that is by telling her a quick hypnotic story. Here's an example (by the way, women can do this too!): Simply tell a story like:

"You know, I had this friend who was meeting with a woman for the first time, and they were getting along really well. But the woman was being (talk about how she has been with you so far). For example: rude, stand-offish, skeptical, distant -anything that causes her to hesitate to be with you that you've noticed. And proceed to say:

"And you know, this guy was a great guy to be with. I mean, he's never had a problem with attracting women. He's confident (list all your positive qualities here). And if you knew him for any time at all, you'd know right away that he's a perfect man to be with." (Notice the punctuation ambiguity coming up).

"Now, this woman seemed like she didn't want anything to do with him. Well, needless to say that over the next week or so, he found someone else. In fact, he found MORE than one woman to enjoy his time with. But this woman that made the mistake of not giving this guy a chance couldn't stand it. She called him all the time, asked his friends about him… I think it's because she made the biggest mistake by letting him go and she knew it."

"Have you ever been in a situation like that? I can honestly say there were a lot of times where I was too quick to judge another, and missed out on some great opportunities. So I've learned to give everyone a chance because you never know... this person could very well be the person you've been looking for all along... the person who can touch you just the way you liked to be touched on the inside.... the person who can (fill in the blanks!)"

As you can see, this method touches some very deep rooted emotions such as jealousy; missing out etc. it's extremely powerful. Now of course, it's not necessary to have to go on and on about it as I have.

You could create simple one-liner suggestions like "Yeah, this woman friend of mine met a guy once and was stupid enough not to be with him and years went by before she met up with him again, And believe it or not, she fell madly in love THIS GUY. We joke all the time about how she could've experienced those loving happy and joyful feelings all along but instead punished herself for three years depriving her of it."

Yes, it's sneaky. Yes, it can seem cruel. However, if this technique wasn't given to you, then it would be used against you without your awareness and that would break my promise to you. Use these techniques with caution. Check your ethics and morals before you apply any of these strategies because you've probably realized by now dozens of different "themes" you can apply this skill with. Haven’t you?

Technique # 4: P.S. In Writing.

If you're creating sales letter or love letter, if you add a P.S. at the bottom creating urgency to act now, you response will go up tremendously. Studies show that in a sales letter, the P.S. is the second thing read on your material. Your headline being the first. The best advice I can give you to come up with powerful P.S. lines are simply to keep it "theme" related to the subject at hand. For example, if you’re selling a book teaching person how to make a cake fast, and you headline says:

"How to Make a Cake in Two Minutes”

Your P.S. could hypnotically read: "Remember, you're finding out in just minutes from now how you can bake a mouth watering cake in Two Minutes or less, or your money back."

Basically, you're re-emphasizing the main benefits. If you want to come up with excellent P.S. material, simply begin what professionals like to call a "swipe file." A swipe file is basically a collection of sales letters that compel or compelled you to make a purchase.

Look at the headline, the P.S. as well as the other elements of the letter. Not only will you come up with a collection of P.S. but you'll also compile other useful information too. Start your swipe file today. It will prove to be your most valuable asset. In love letters, it can just as easily be applied. Or any other letter for that matter. Just keep it theme related.

For example, if you're sending your soon to be date a letter and talk about a concert the both of you are going to... since I’ve found out that a lot of women like to "not go" for their own reasons at the last minute, you could emphasize with your P.S. "I waited in line for three hours to get these tickets. If I wouldn't have, we wouldn't have been able to go to it because they sold out in only two hours. But you know what? Since we're going together, all that time standing in the rain was well worth it."

Unfortunately, people act on guilt. It's extremely powerful. And of course, check your ethics and if I didn't share with you this technique, it would be used against you thus breaking my promise to teach how to protect yourself. But you can certainly make your P.S. in a letter more positive. You can simply tell them to call you when they get a chance. To remember a certain point -- anything!

The quickest way to learn is to test out different ones and record the results. Once you find one that works, you can use it over and over again. So you see, there are 4 solid proven tools that allow you to create urgency in another to act now. Be sure to include them in your hypnotic adventures.

Have fun!

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