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Self Hypnosis and Meditation

The differences between self hypnosis and meditation are the method of reaching the trance state (self induced trance) and their primary aims. Both meditation and self hypnosis do not need to be time consuming. Twenty to twenty-five minutes may be enough, and with consistency and practice this time can be reduced considerably. The choice between hypnosis and meditation is an individual one.

Some authors think there are at least 3 problems when comparing hypnosis and meditation. The first one is the ambiguity of both terms. Another problem is what it can be called state-specific knowledge (Tart, 2001); and the third one is the widespread, implicit assumption that the everyday state of consciousness we find ourselves in is normal, and is inherently superior to mental functioning in all other states.

Regular practice of self-hypnosis or meditation has beneficial effects on many situations and conditions.

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