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Control Your Voice To Embed Commands While You Are Talking

Having control of your voice is essential because it’s necessary if you want to embed commands while you’re talking. Embedding commands is obviously important when directing a person’s conscious mind to access the unconscious. For example, say the following out loud: “Do you want to go out for pizza with me?”

Most people who aren’t familiar with hypnotic talking will go up? at the end of the sentence when asking a question. However, if I were to put a comma in front of the words “go out for pizza with me” it forces you to pause before you say it. Say the following: “go out for pizza with me.” Notice how you’re not going up in the end with your tonal inflection.

Now, try saying the sentence below, only this time pausing for a second and ending the question as if you’re making a statement.

Do you want to, go out for ice cream with me!
Now, I’ve purposely put an exclamation point at the end of the above sentence so you understand the point here… Of course, you’re not going to “yell” your commands but it’s important you have control of your voice. You do this by getting in the habit of dropping your tone of voice *slightly* with virtually every sentence you say - including questions.

Doing so will allow you to “drop” commands inside a persons unconscious mind. This is very important. The trick is to be sure you sound completely genuine and not like you’re “telling” another person what to do as if you’re talking down to them - no pun intended.

You may also notice that with practice it does indeed - no matter how hard you try, sound like you are in fact telling a person what to do. If this occurs, you’re probably doing it correctly.

Now, I can just hear you asking “But I thought you said not to sound like you’re telling a person what to do!” Basically, just because it sounds like to you that you’re telling a person what to do, doesn’t mean it sounds the same to another person.

Since you’re becoming aware of covert hypnosis and how it works, you’ll have a conscious about it. You’ll know that its working and what you’re doing even though the majority of people you talk with won’t have a clue you’re even doing anything.

Paper: Obama Clearly Using Covert Hypnosis Methods

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