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Covert Hypnosis Powerful Techniques To Seduce Women

It’s all about theme. What is the theme you’d like to have in the conversation. You have to have a target. If you don’t then you’ll just be whizzing bullets in every direction. If you want to seduce a woman, it’s obvious your theme pattern should be:

•   Connection

•   Fascination

•   Attraction

•   Lust

•   Love

A man is much easier to seduce. You’d simply talk about:

•   Sex!

No kidding! It’s about all you need to do!

So in this article I’m going to talk about seducing women. However, realize this process can be tailored to suit your situation whether you’re selling or talking to your kids - it works.

The magic question: “What is the first signal you get on the inside that lets you know ________?”

For example: What’s the first signal you get on the inside that lets you know when you can like a trust a person you’ve just met?” Let them tell you. Then, you simply listen to them, and the words they emotionally “mark” as they reply. Suppose she says: “Well, I don’t know. I think they are nice, they’re compassionate, and just makes me feel good.”

A simple reply from you could be “Ahh, yes. It’s nice when you meet someone that you think is nice (pointing to yourself), and as you focus on those qualities it doesn’t take much to realize how compassionate this person is with you (pointing to yourself again), and I can understand how it can make you just feel good.”

I remember being on the beach and I saw this gorgeous woman sitting all alone. She wore a small bikini that covered just enough to be legal. She looked great. Around her were several men. They all sheepishly stared at her with lust. First, I couldn’t believe how many men there were around her, and they weren’t even trying to say hi, or talk to this gorgeous woman! I couldn’t take it anymore.

So, I strolled up to her and said “You look like a kind and strong enough woman to meet a new potential friend.” She said invitingly “Yes, I am.”

So I said “well hello, I’m Frank and you are?” She replied “Pepa.”

Then I went right to work. I said “Look, Pepa, I really like that name by the way, but anyway I only have a few minutes to talk before I meet my brother to go fishing, but let me ask you… Isn’t it sick how all these guys are obviously attracted to you but not one of them has the decency to come find out what a great person you are?


She started at me with the widest eyes I’ve ever seen!

What did I just do? Well, I captured her \frame\ of mind. Didn’t I?

It’s obvious she was being stared at. Wasn’t it? What I did was leverage the situation. I turned the situation into my favor. So after she looked at me with amazement, she said “I’m speechless.” So I said “Well, don’t you agree?” And she did.

So then I started in again “So tell me, Pepa, when people go out sometimes they like to be looked at, and at other times they like to do the looking. You know? So most of the time when you go out what do you like to do? For the most part, would you rather be looked at or do the looking?

She replies “Well I’d have to say I liked to be looked at.”

So I started in again “And what is it about being looked at do you find most fulfilling?”

She said “It’s nice to know that I’m appreciated, that I’m someone of value, that I’m getting my ego boosted.” And she started laughing.

And I laughed with her and said “Okay, well, have you ever been able to look at someone and know that deep inside that you could tell exactly how that person is?

And she responded “yes.”

I continue… “Okay, so let’s say you go out and you see this guy (gesture towards myself), and deep inside you can recognize for your own reasons that he’s going to treat you with respect, but most of all he’s going to express his appreciation for you and treats you like you’re the most desirable woman on the face of the planet, that you’re something of real value to him and you just stop and think, Wow, what an ego booster. Now, how long do you think you’d hesitate before you ask this guy out?”


Do you see what I’m doing here?

Am I just saying stuff, or do I have a direction or purpose in mind?

So she responds with “I wouldn’t.”

And I said “Right. You wouldn’t hesitate at all. And you know what I find interesting is how when you can look at a person in that way, how you already feel this sense of connection… this flow of connection that just brings you closer to this person, doesn’t it?”

Her “Oh yeah, sure, absolutely.”

I say “Absolutely. And what the neat part about it is when you can really feel that sense of connection with this person is how you can just listen to this voice on the inside, and as you just take control of this voice and put it deep inside where it says just go for it, make this yours before someone else takes it. Ya know?”

Her “Uh huh…”

So I continue… Note: This is where I fractionate. I’m conditioning her. I want her out of the state I just created. So I go to normal “fluff talk.”

I say “so I’m guessing you’re from around here is that correct?”

She responds “Yeah.”

I go “Oh. That’s cool. So did you grow up here?”

She says “Yeah, but I moved away for a while, and then came back.”

This is where I start in again, I want her back into that connection state I just had her in so I say… “Oh, so you left but you came back. Wow. Isn’t it neat how with some things (And I gestured towards all the rest of the guys) you don’t feel a connection with, but other things like this place, you have a connection and a strong desire to make this yours again (and I gesture towards myself again!)?

Her “Come to think of it, yeah, it is.”

Now I have her back into the state of connection again. Only this time, the state she feels is stronger! Get it? When you put someone in a state of mind, take them out, and then put them back in, the state becomes stronger and more and more real to them.

So, in essence, the more you put them in a state and take them out and back in again, the stronger and more real that state becomes. Make sense?

But… I’m not done now, because I want to…

Make her feel overwhelmingly attracted to me using hypnotic patterns

This is much of what I’ve been doing already with her. A little pitter pattern here and there. But this is where I really begin to heat things up. 

So I start in again… “Yes, Cumming to think of it like that, the connection you feel with things lead to other more pleasurable things Right? Now, I was reading this interesting article about how we process things in our mind and how everything that happens in your mine, happens in a certain order, you know a certain sequence. Like, for example, have you ever met someone that you just feel an incredible connection with? (And again, I’m gesturing to myself.)

Her “Yes, of course.”

I continue… “Yes, of course, and that reminds me of a friend of mine. She was telling me that when she really feels that sense of connection with a guy it leads to an attraction. Like first, she said after she feels that warm click in the pit of her belly that makes her feel this incredible connection with this guy (pointing to myself again), certain other things begin to happen.”

STOP.   I leave her hanging here. She’s entirely connected to me, and she’s following what I’m saying; now I want her to anticipate what I was going to go on to say… And she did.

She looked wide eyed and said “Like what?”

I go… “Well, like first, as she begins to feel the process of growing attracted to this person, she begins to really pay attention, listen carefully and focus in on a particular feature she finds attractive, and as she doing that the rest of her environment just melts and drops away, so it’s just her and him, looking at each other, and she said as all that’s happening it’s like the deep soothing voice of this guy just begins to enter her, to the point where she just feels the warmth of it begin to vibrate her body… and as her heart begins to flutter with that experience, and her breathing begins to deepen, she said it’s like that warm feeling begins to heat up into a fire, a fire spreading places all over her body… and she said that it doesn’t matter whether she focuses in on where she feels that feeling going first, whether where she feels that feeling go next, or whether where she feels that feeling go to where she would like it to feel best right now… what matters to her at this moment is how that feeling causes her to “come” over and over again to one conclusion… that she just has to get this, and she said it’s like you just have to go for it, make this yours.”

“Can you feel that?” (Create an anchor).

Her “MMmmm.. Yes.”

At this point she’s staring at me with lust. She’s actually ready to jump me. How do I know? As I was saying this to her she was squirming all over the place! She was obviously having an emotional up-rush. Her face flushed, her entire physiology changed. She physically shifted her body around. She felt what I was describing to her.

Now, are you beginning to see the process at work? I’ve successfully conquered my objectives.

And I have the option now to plant the idea of thinking about me like this when I’m not even around her, see if I can get that kiss, and possibly more, or walk away a tease.

In this case, I wanted her to think those things about me when I wasn’t around. So I started in again…

“So anyway, she said after you’ve experienced that with someone, it’s easy to find yourself thinking about this person in that way when he’s not around. You know, maybe you begin to imagine all the places you’d go with him, all the fun and exciting things you’d do together, and even you know, you begin to imagine private things. And the real neat part about it is that sometimes little certain things like turning on a light switch, or opening a door can ignite these ideas, passions and floods of incredible feelings about this guy.”

“Now, I can tell you’re really enjoying this conversation.” Her… “Yes, I am.”

Me… “Well, I sure am too. And it’s too bad you probably would like to relax now and that I have to go (she starts shaking her head like “NO! Don’t go!) meet my brother to go fishing. What steps could we take to continue this enjoyment?”

Her… “Why don’t you cancel going fishing and why don’t we go to the bar on the beach. I think that’s a better idea.”

AND the rest is history.

As you can see, using what other people process and combining your hypnotic skills with the information they give you reap tremendous rewards.

It makes your persuasion multiply because there is nothing more powerful than a person’s own natural process.

Dig for it. Use it. Apply this strategy. Tailor it to suit your own unique situation. It’ll prove to be one of the most powerful techniques of covert hypnosis.

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