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How To Covertly Influence Other People

When you want to covertly influence other people, it’s important if not necessary to talk to their solar plexus. You do this by talking from your solar plexus or in other words, talk using your diaphragm.

Simply ask:

•   What feeling do I want them to have?

•   What action do I want them to take? 

•   How do I feel when I have that feeling to act?

So, here’s a simple exercise to do. It’s also important to do these exercises because experience in the best teacher. So go to someplace where people won’t think you’re a little “out there” and try the following, just do it:

•   Place your two fingers on your throat and say your name and social security number” Notice how you sound and how much energy that’s required.

•   Now, relax a bit and place your hand on your chest saying your name and social security number. Notice how less energy is required and how different or normal you sound.

•   Now, relax even more resting your hand on your solar plexus and say your name and social security number. Notice how relaxed you feel and how easy it is to just allow the air to flow through you from deep within. Notice how much differently or natural it sounds to speak from here. 

This is far better than the exercise the sergeant had me do. I had to sing the entire Air Force song completely from the gut all the way through until he was convinced I could do my job again for the second day. Just in case you’re curious, it took me 4 tries to get it right.

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