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How to Determine Success in Future Social Events

How to Determine your Success in Future Social Events

Hypnotic patterns can put you in the position to “predetermine” how a social situation will turn out for you. Suppose you had an upcoming date lined up. By using language patterns, you can set yourself to be liked, trusted, and even cause the other person to give up sex!

But covert hypnosis goes farther than that. This is important. Covert hypnosis just isn’t using the sly slip of the tongue. It’s a combination of things like:

  •  body language,
  • underlying motivations,
  • your appearance,
  • tonality,
  • rapport
  • and anchoring skills.

If you don’t know anything about the above, don’t worry. Through these entire articles, I’ll show you how to “have all these things naturally” by only developing ONE single skill.

Yes, only one. Keep reading because it’ll change your life, forever! I’ll never forget how powerful I felt the first time I predicted a future social event. I confess… When I first got started using covert hypnosis, I used it to get women to sleep with me.

My very first language pattern that I created was to get women to want to have sex with me. Even though I don’t use these patterns anymore because I’ve settled down with the woman of my dreams and know a more powerful, advanced secret of covert hypnosis you’ll learn about shortly, I still have a point to make to you.

I did it by doing a little research. I asked “What do the majority of women process within themselves in order to feel like having sex with a man?”

It all started by interviewing beautiful women. I just simply asked!

Then, I started to read romance novels because I realized that most women who read these - the books cause them to feel “aroused”. I thought that was interesting. And boy! Were those books helpful! 

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