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Load Conversations With Hypnotic Elements

Have you ever met a salesman that made you stop… and think “yes, finally, a person I can trust?” Now, it’s not necessary to feel that way towards me and to invite yourself to notice how good that feels. But if you were to think that way about me because I’ll do my absolute best to assist you in any way possible, it will be great. (And smile!)

Then, simply continue with your presentation that’s loaded with other hypnotic elements.

Look at the above pattern again. This time, notice that if you say it with the right attitude, people will respond positively. Also, notice how obvious it is! Just look at what you’re telling them to do! (Highlighted in BOLD letters.)

I used the above pattern all the time. And I never-not once had a person say “Screw you buddy.” Nope. Not once. They simply responded with a typical “okay!”

Because (and this is the important part) I said it hypnotically with the right attitude. You’ll learn more about how to do this in the next article.

But for now, are you beginning to realize how easy it is for you to apply sneak phrases?

It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? You’ll learn more ways to apply them as you continue to read the rest of these articles. 

Now there’s only one thing you need to do - and that is to just get out there and start using them!

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