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More on Sales Persuasion Techniques

5. What is different?

Well, when they act on you’re trying to get them to do, what is different? Answering this last question builds up to the final one, and that is the call for action. In this step, it only helps to stress the benefits one last time. What different results will they experience?

Example: instead of being heckled, they will experience approval.

How differently will they feel? Instead of being annoyed, they will have a sense of pride. How differently will they be treated? People will accept and approve the individual. How differently will their future be?

They’ll experience the joys and pleasures they’re searching for by owning a new car. How different will they be starting the moment they act? They’ll feel relieved. The person will be happy, excited and eager to experience the approval and positive treatment from others.

 Form this point, you can then point out a few of these distinctions. If you were to think of this as a summarization point of your sales presentation, then you’re on the right track.


6: What should they do?

This is simply something people don’t do time and time again - tell people what they should do! If you get someone hyped up about taking an action, you don’t want to sit back and wait for them to act on their own. No. Instead, push them to act by simply saying, “So you’re ready to buy now I take it?”

Here are some other examples:

•   Order now

•   You know, if you go ahead and place your order today, would you be paying in cash or will you be using a credit card?

•   Buy now

•   Act today

•   Sign up right away to receive these benefits

Of course, this is the last and final step. I guarantee when you apply them all, you unleash a powerful synergy.

Sales are made much easier and more effectively. You see, it’s okay to have a structure to follow. These steps aren’t a rule and it’s not necessary to apply them all every time. Remember, you can tailor your applications as you see fit or as they are required. For example, you may apply the 3rd step first, and the 1st step the fifth time. It doesn’t matter. Look for accurate timing.

You see, some salesman will have a proven set procedure. That is, they’ll do the same presentation over and over again. Even though this is successful to a degree, it puts a stagnant stop on the selling game. It becomes a numbers game only. What you need to learn to do as a salesman is to learn to apply proven strategies that give you the ability to increase your sales conversion.

For example: When you write your sales letter, in stead of working to get more traffic to your site and converting the same number, work the sales material and the e-mails to increase conversion of sales.

If you’re in person, you’re odds greatly increase to make the sale if you utilize the above 6 steps in this article. Learn how to apply them, and understand the reasons behind it. Once you begin to apply them, sit back and watch them buy without resistance. 

On one last note… this technique also applies outside of selling. Notice how it can be used in virtually any social situation!

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