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Sneak Phrases for Covert Hypnosis

Yes! Finally! The famous “sneak phrases.” Now it’s time to start having fun! In this article I’m going to give you a few of them so that you realize how they work. I’m going to give you my favorite phrases.

So what is a sneak phrase?

It’s simply a set of words that cause people to go into a “waking trance.” Most people who think about hypnosis think “you are getting very sleepy” - when covert hypnosis is not that at all.

When you apply covert hypnosis, it’s not necessary to put people into deep sleep. Putting people into a waking trance is actually quite fun because you get people actively involved.

How do you know when people go into a waking trance? Here are the “tell all” signs:

•   Their face changes color

•   They focus straight in front of them and “visualize” what you’re describing

•   Their posture changes

•   Their eyes dart around

•   They turn one of their ears towards you

•   They freeze

•   They nod their head in agreement

•   The pay close attention

•   The whites of their eyes grow bigger

•   Their pupils grow bigger

•   They relax (you can see their shoulders hunch and the muscles in their face will “let go” and allow gravity to pull them down).

Now, the best way to get people into a waking trance is to “shuffle” their brain into mild-unconscious mode. And you do that by using sneak phrases.

When you first begin to apply covert hypnosis, it’s always good to start with a question.

Here are a few hypnotic sneak phrases that accomplish this:

•   What’s it like when you (command goes here).

•   Have you ever (command goes here)

•   I don’t suppose you could (command goes here), but if you could (see that, do that, feel that) what’s it like when you… 

•   If you were to (command goes here), how would you go about doing that?

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