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The Easiest Way to Hypnotically Talk and Lead a Person to Your Desired Outcome

For example, suppose you wanted to excite someone. And the person was in a neutral mood. They spoke calmly and at a monotone level. First, it’s important you “match” their tone of voice and how they talk and then find yourself beginning to lead them into a more exciting state of mind as you begin to “sound” more exciting.

You simply start out by asking “so, what did you do today?” They reply “I worked.” You say “how was it?” They reply “The same as usual.” You reply “yeah, isn’t it interesting how it always seems like the same thing all the time every day? But there’s always that one day… maybe it’s just your day, or everything just seems to go your way… like maybe you get a promotion, or the boss announces how you’ve just been elected employee of the month… you get a raise… and before you know it the time just flies by. Your day goes great. You can’t help but to smile and feel great because you feel so good. You race home. Tell the wife. You and your family are celebrating and everyone is congratulating you. You’re in heaven and it just feels awesome. Every day can be like that you think, by now I’m sure you can agree to that, can’t you?” They reply “Oh yeah.”

IF you say it right.

The trick is to make sure you put yourself into their state of mind first, and then put yourself into the sate of mind you want them into next (in this case - excitement), and they will naturally follow.

Realistically, this is probably by far the easiest way to hypnotically talk and lead a person to your desired outcome. YOU go there first, and let them naturally follow. If you can master this one skill, you’ll not even need any “sneak phrases” or other gadgets, you’ll appear completely natural and genuine… sincere.

But, the above skill doesn’t always work for every situation. If you’re trying to seduce someone (aside from the fact if you’re the same sex), it’s hard to put yourself into a woman’s shoes (or vice versa) and describe the feeling of wanting another person. It just wouldn’t make sense if I said to a woman from my own experience, “and you can feel the warm tingly feeling in your belly moving its way down… it just wouldn’t fly because I don’t feel that.

There are, however, several techniques that remove you from the picture where you could say things like that and make it appear natural and sincere and perfectly fine to talk about. We’ll get into those techniques later in these articles. 

But generally speaking, if you’re trying to make sales, motivate a person, trying to get a person to listen to you and virtually anything on a general level you can think of, the following technique is the easiest approach.

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