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Hypnotic Eyes-Look Into My Eyes

blue hypnotic eyes
Image by Look Into My Eyes via Flickr
Eyes are regarded as the face of our soul. Eyes sometimes speak a lot and express a lot. In the world of hypnotism eyes hold a very important position. Just by looking into eyes a person can be hypnotized and just by looking into eyes a person can be D hypnotized. It can be checked by looking into the eyes whether a person is hypnotized or not. Obviously there are ways to find out that but if you read this entire article then you will surely find out how to find out whether a person is hypnotize or not. Hypnotism can be inducted through eyes. When a person is under the grasp of hypnotism his eyes showcases that. If you can observe such eyes then you can surely get to know the secret. 
  1. When a person is hypnotized his eyes usually turns watery and it looks as if the person is crying. It happens not because that person becomes emotional because of being hypnotized but happens because the muscles which control the tear ducts in eyes become relaxed.

  3. Some people get blood red eyes when they are hypnotized. This happens because their muscles are very relaxed. The more the muscles are relaxed, more blood flows into the eyes and they appear red.

  5. A person who is hypnotized stops blinking at all. Most of the time a hypnotized person either blinks less or do not blink at all. This is a characteristic feature of a hypnotized person.

  7. Pupil of a hypnotized person expands. It enlarges because of the relaxation of the eyes muscles. Dilation of pupil indicates that the person is hypnotized.


These indications of a person being hypnotized are really helpful. Hypnotic eyes can be easily noticed. Now that you know the secrets of a hypnotic eyes then you must try and observe these indications.

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