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How To Remotely Program People Without Words

My cousin didn't believe that you could influence people remotely. So I walked him through it. We were sitting in a bar looking to "pick up" women. There was some football game on TV we weren't paying any attention to. A few minutes of sitting, and a wedding party came into the place. It turns out they were getting an early start by waiting for the real reception to begin. But in walks this attractive woman in a blue dress. It was obvious to us both that she stood up in the wedding.

So I said to my cousin as she was walking to the ladies room "Okay, just imagine in your mind that you're behind her and that you embrace her in your arms, as if you’re actually touching her… and as you're holding her sensually from behind you begin to whisper sweet nothings in her ear that she just absolutely loves." She went into the bathroom. "Whatever dude" my cousin said. "I don't know why I even bother with you sometimes. You're probably pulling a quick one on me."

I don't blame him for thinking those things. I like to pull pranks on my cousin from time to time. Like the time when I told him that he can relieve his muscle pain by tapping his hand on his head and while saying "This is nice, hum baby hum." Yes. He did it. It was funny.

And about the time it took you to read that short little story, out walks the woman he imagined this with. Now, my cousin passed it up as pure coincidence that she walked straight up to him, looked him in the eye and said "Who's winning the game?" Making a long story short: he ended up going to the wedding reception with her -- and I wasn't invited. Now, was this coincidence, or did he really telepathically send his message to her that he was a loving, kind, trustworthy gentleman?

Who knows? I don't know how this works, but often times, it does. It seems like it just may be a coincidence, but my cousin now today uses this strategy all the time to influence people -- even if they're all the way on the other side of the planet!

I can get people to phone me. Write me. Give me money etc. And have done it for a long time. Why not use it if it works? Try it and see. I can use it to attract more business. I simply imagine in my mind customers lining up to buy what I have to sell. When my web site applyhypnosis.com was first put up, I imagined people giving me a testimonial telling the world how awesome my book was for them and attracted dozens of them within a week.

But I always before hand ask myself “What am I willing to contribute in order to experience this?” This is a MAJOR question that cannot go unanswered. You have to give before you receive. Think about that for a minute before you continue on…

Now, I’ve known people who take this entire concept to a whole new level and actually "in their mind" seduces someone they want to be with. Curious, I decided to try this technique. All you need to do is not get aroused (easier said than done), and imagine the person you're with having the most pleasurable pleasure with you. Imagine and literally "feel" in your mind you touching, caressing, and kissing them as you hear them moan in ecstasy.

I had this crush on a woman that was about 6 years older than I. She was actually one of my good friend’s exgirlfriend. Before I graduated school, she would have me come over and house sit for her while she vacationed. It was around this time that I learned how to do this, so I chose her to be the one I tested it on. Since I was in her house (and slept in her bed), the energy was all there. I imagined these things in my mind that I've described to you.

Well, I still have a hard time believing it when I had her whispering in my ear the next morning "Sweetheart, are you comfortable?" Opening my eyes, she was laying next to me. She then said to me "I decided to come home early. I knew you'd be in my bed and I'm tired. So I'm going to lie next to you. I promise not to bite." I said flirtingly "Oh no, please do!"

She smiled playfully, stood up, removed her clothes, slid under the covers with me and... Well, I'll leave the rest up to you and your imagination. Again, was it because I "saw" this happening? Did I create this? By now, you should already understand that your thoughts create your reality. What you can think, you can have, be, do or experience. So the only thing I can tell you is to try it. If it works, it works. If not, you can call me liar and a cheat and yell at me telling me that I'm an idiot for teaching you such a weapon.

Fair enough?

But it's obvious I'm sharing this with you not to get you to believe in something that doesn't work. I’ve just had too many circumstances in my life happen that seemed to be "pure coincidence" when it really might not have been. Now my other friend has this what you could call a “gift” to attract women. He’s not very attractive, either. But every time we go out - without fail, he can sit in one spot, point out a woman to me saying “she’s the one” when she wasn’t looking, and later in the night, she’d try to pick him up. He never did a thing.

… Or so I thought. One day, I asked him “When you see a woman you’d like to meet, what do you think about?”

And he said stuck with me since, he said “What every man thinks about. I see her and I both naked holding and touching each other. We’re kissing, hugging, and me being a passionate love making machine.” I asked him a few more questions and it turns out that it wasn’t a lust thing he felt like every other man. He really felt strong passion for her. Interesting, isn’t it?

Another story:

My cousin and I from time to time will get a chance to escape out. One time, we were in a bar and it was supercrowded. You couldn't move and I think they were borderline over capacity. So as we sat at our table that everyone seemed to think was theirs too, I said "Ok. Imagine we're both breathing in "get away from me" energy, and the more we breathe it in, the more we can feel it growing inside. And as it continues to grow, notice what happens as we both at the count of three, just release this energy out into a seven foot radius that just pushes everyone away from us. Ready? 1, 2, KABOOM!"

Not thirty seconds later, there was a seven foot radius people wouldn't stand in. We were given our space. Did we do it? Do you really have that kind of power? Seems like it. And if it works, why not use it? But… BUT… Here’s the kicker. It turns out this so called negative energy we produced created a lot of “I don’t like you” energy back with to us. Later than night, I was jumped in the parking lot by about 8 men who beat the ever loving crap out of me.

Use these techniques to make people feel good, please. PLEASE, trust me on this advice. You don’t want to have to drink through a straw for 6 weeks like I had to. It’s no fun. In fact, anything negative that you produce isn’t fun when it comes back to you. So please, I beg of you to keep it good. If not GREAT!

Now, what happens if you breathe in “I attract you energy?” Try it and see. I did this at a TGI Friday’s once, and as I was walking, every waitress on the way to the restroom cut me off, bumped into me, stepped in front of me… each of them looked into my eyes as if they were hypnotized by me already, and they all said something to me. I got two phone numbers.

You see, what this skill entails, I suppose, is the manipulation of energy around you that you cannot see. But if you can visualize it being there, you can then manipulate it. That’s the best way I can put it.

I don’t know the colors and the significance. I personally think the color “pink” is the most powerful attraction color. But I know people who use red, orange, green and experience similar if not better results.

So it’s more of experimenting. I don’t have this mastered and I certainly don’t understand how it works. But play with it from time to time. You just might surprise yourself. You don’t need to know how it works, either. It just does.  Now, with all this in mind, what happens when you combine your new “energetic” powers with the strategies taught in the next article?

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