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Techniques For Time Warp: Describe Yourself Doing Something Into The Future

How to apply this strategy is straightforward. You simply describe someone doing something into the future.

For example: "And as you STOP... and imagine a time in a future. Still feeling all those incredible feelings with this person, and looking back at today as having been the start of it, you just can't help but to realize it's a wonderful thing to experience, isn't it?"

As you begin to apply Time distortion, you realize it certainly has its benefits.

If you met someone you can get them to imagine already being with you. If you’re selling something to them you can get them to imagine what it’s like to already own the product.

Let them get in the vehicle and play with all the buttons. Let them test drive it. Let them use the gadget. Doing so creates a sense of already owning it.

If you're selling a book, you can do this in writing by using language patterns. You can get them to imagine times in the future of them physically flipping though the pages or reading one secret after the next. As you can see, this strategy is not difficult.

All you need to do is ask yourself “How do I put them into the future in their mind and cause a sense that they already are in fact doing what it is that I am describing?”

There's a whole world of possibilities using this strategy.

Below you'll find examples of how you can initiate this particular strategy:

•   After you've finished flipping through the pages of this book and before you begin your mastery, I’d just like to tell you..."

•   "When you drive your car for the first time, make sure that you..."

•   ""As you imagine doing x, what are your friends saying to you?"

•   "Three months from now, you're standing there, looking at the person and you don't know whether to...”

•   "How do you think life would be better for you if you were to..."

•   "How do you know when you've made the right decision to..."

Each of above examples can be tailored and altered in their own unique way according to your needs. You can mix and match them or craft a new sentence using the above templates.

I’m sure by now you realize it's very easy.

Putting a person into the future and describing it to them as if it is and has in fact already happened will certainly amp up your ability to persuade and influence anyone. 

Add this technique to your mix of tricks, and see how it could be the missing ingredient you've needed all along.

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