There's been an awful lot of ink spilled on the topic of how to get a man to marry you. Here are my top five tips.

Tip #1. Ask him.

Ok, this one's a bit obvious, but it's probably the easiest way to how to get  a man to marry you. But have you actually considered it? If you're waiting to be  asked, you might be waiting a long time. Don't for goodness' sake stand on  ceremony - if you want to know, just ask him. If you've never brought it up in  conversation, don't be scared. Far better to find out now than two years from  now, that he's not into the idea of marriage.

If you've been seeing a man exclusively for at least the last 6-12 months,  it's important to know that you have similar attitudes and definitions toward  commitment. After all, don't you want to be heading in the same direction?

Tip #2. Be comfortable with yourself, and your own reasons for  wanting to getting married.

Are you really sure that you want to get married? And why do you want to get  married? If the only reason that you want to tie the knot is because a family  member is pressuring you, or because all your friends are doing it, then you  might want to reconsider. Because if the first thing he says after you bring up  the subject of marriage is "why", you're going to want a good answer and you're  going to want the right answer. Namely because you love him and you want to  spend the rest of your life with him.

Tip #3. Be comfortable with him.

In order to get a man to marry you, ask yourself, "am I sure that he's the  right one for me"? Can you really see yourself with him in ten years, in twenty?  In thirty? If you can't, be honest with yourself. There's no point whatsoever in  spending all this time figuring out how to get a man to marry you if you're not  actually sure yourself.

Do you feel naturally happy around him? Are you glad to see him each day? Is  he the sort of man that makes you feel that the world is a better place when  you're together? Does he bring joy into your life?

Tip #4. Focus on the marriage, not the wedding.

Weddings are often expensive, and stressful. If you could forget the  fairytale outfit, the big dinner, the photos, the music, if all you could have  was him and you, and a quick wedding in Vegas or a simple civil ceremony, would  you still want to do it? And does he know that? We've all met those people who  spend all their energy on the big day - and nothing on the years that  follow.

If you're becoming stressed about the idea of a wedding - why would either of  you still feel positive about it? A wedding should be a joyous celebration of  the start of your lives together as husband and wife. Your wedding is just a day  in your life, whereas your marriage is for better or worse, and for keeps.

Thus your true focus should be on your relationship and your life together.  Your wedding, even though a momentous occasion, is after all just one day in  your life. Your marriage on the other hand is forever!

Tip #5. Accept the fact that not every man wants to get  married.

The thing is - and it's not always what everyone wants to hear - is that  there's no sure-fire way to get a man to marry you. Or indeed, to guarantee that  he'll say yes if you ask him. And you know what? Don't let that bother you.  Because if he's the kind of guy that needs persuading, if he's the kind of guy  that you're going to need to entice, if he's the kind of guy that's not into  marriage, and because of this he's driving you crazy, then you might be better  off with someone else.

There are plenty of men out there who will love you and commit to you, and  who want to get married. All you need to do is find the right man. And how do  you find the right man? By becoming the type of woman that a man wants to be  with. To learn more, go to get a man to marry you.


One of the worst fears for a man is that of committing himself to a woman.  How to get a man to commit in a relationship? Most women have been subjected to  this worst fear of the other sex and have often suffered a lot because of  it.

There are so many cases that you hear about on a daily basis where a couple,  known to be dating for a while, suddenly goes in different directions. What is  the reason why men can't commit? After the whirlwind romance, woman usually was  ready to go ahead and commit herself to the guy but he developed cold feet at  the last moment.

Men especially unemotionally or men afraid of commitment are not ready  thinking of marriage or taking the relationship seriously. Taking a step towards  commitment sometimes is the biggest step that a man will ever take. It is for  this reason that a man is much happier when the relationship is in the initial  stages. Both you and the guy are living happily with no questions asked in that  'blissful' stage of the relationship.

It is when you start getting restless due to the lack of growth and  commitment in the relationship that the man will start moving backwards. Most of  these men view commitment as an unnecessary burden and something that can be  done away with. Unfortunately for men, women are not on the same page as them on  this issue.

Slowly the relationship will enter a stalemate. The guy doesn't budge and the  woman lives in the hope that he will fall-in-line someday. As days pass without  a resolution, the couple starts to get irritated with one another over small  issues; they pick fights over petty things and avoid each other big time. Slowly  and gradually, before they realize it themselves, the relationship is over.

Since women tend to be more emotional, the process of getting away takes a  heavier toll on them. They start reacting in funny ways and do things that will  only make the relationship worse. The woman will think that she has every right  to be upset and angry with the guy. She will start throwing tantrums and  accusations at the man. Unfortunately, the men get least affected by this. They  often view such actions of women as overreactions and even hysterical!

Now you may ask whether there is a better way to deal with it? Yes, there are  a few things that a woman can do to make this situation better. First of all,  she needs to be an epitome of understanding and care. She has to be very patient  and has to let the guy express himself. Knowing exactly how he feels may help  you establish a deeper connection with him.

All this doesn't mean that you spoil the guy rotten. Giving him everything in  one go means there is nothing left to share. Always put away something for  later; that will keep him asking for more.  Women have many talents that  can let them have their man craving for them all the time. It is just a question  of putting those talents to maximum use to get more from the man.

How to make a man commit? So once you have established what your man really  wants, you can use that latent potential in you to draw their favors. After  that, the 'I love you' will come with such frequency that you will forget the  count again and again.

Are you ready NOW for a complete dating life make over? Find out more about  the patterns of commitment phobic men and how to respond to each of your given  instance. Be a smart woman and learn how to get a man to commit.


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