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7 Tips On How To Gain Self Confidence

There are no secrets in this world. There are only things we do not know at  this point in time. And when you DO know it, it's not a secret anymore. This  leads me to tell you that there is only one way to truly gain self confidence.  This is by a process. You must realize that gaining confidence has almost never  happened overnight. Of course there are always exceptions to everything in this  world. Learning how to gain self confidence is a process and I want to tell you  7 really great tips on how to gain self confidence.

Tip #1:

Don't care what other people think. I know you may think "How am I supposed  to do that?". Well the fact is that you can't change what anybody else thinks.  Imagine you are at a public gathering and you have really low self confidence at  that point in time. You come home and you feel really bad because you thought  you where judged by other people. Your best friend James, thought the same thing  when he came home. Judith thought exactly the same thing. The point is, people  care more about themselves than they care about you. So inevitably don't care  what other people think of you. You are not put on this planet to please all.  It's OK to fail, it's OK to be different, it's OK to do what you feel is right  for you!

Tip #2:

Allow being judged. This is something that can be really hard, but guess  what. In order to boost self confidence to great heights, you must be able to do  things your way and be OK with other people disliking what you do. Again, almost  everybody in the world judges people, I judge people for sure. If somebody tells  me that I am something negative that I know I am. Let's say ugly, or fat... I  can simply laugh it off and say, "So what, I can't change my genes and this is  the way I am, do you have something else you want to judge me by, please get it  off your chest?". See there is nothing a person can say to you that you can't  counter in one way or another.

Tip #3:

Have really strong beliefs. The two tips above come down to one thing and  that is having a strong self belief and solid ground in your confidence. There  are many exercises you can take in order to really learn how to gain self  confidence. You must get your beliefs in order first, otherwise you will always  have a doubt in your mind somewhere. People are experts at destroying their own  beliefs by having negative thoughts. STOP negative thoughts now.

Tip #4:

Writing your goals down on paper. People who fail will write their goals down  once, look at them, put pen and paper down and then forget about it. People who  have learnt how to gain self confidence proceed with their goals and never ever  quit. I know this may sound harsh right now, but quitters remain quitters until  they believe they can be winners. Be a winner.

Tip #5:

Be a winner. Even if you lose at one point in time be a winner. Even if  somebody totally humiliates you, you are a winner. Why? Simply because everybody  is a winner. Everybody is good at something. The reason you have low self  confidence is because you have been programmed to believe something that isn't  true... at all. Maybe people around you have told you that you are worthless or  too stupid to do something. Guess what, you are not, you are a winner. You are a  winner because you know that if you set your mind to do something you will  obtain this goal. You have done it before, every single time. You just don't  know it.

Tip #6:

Have extreme determination and faith. Know that if you have set your mind to  do something you will obtain it. Maybe not tomorrow or the next day. Maybe not  in 1 week or even 1 year. Learning how to gain self confidence takes time. Some  people get over these negative thoughts and gain amazing self confidence in only  10 days. For some people the programming has taken much harder and it takes them  2 months. Maybe you are so deep into it that it takes 5 years? Even if it takes  5 years, when that day comes and you know when you are there, you will feel that  5 years was worth it.

Tip #7:

Patience. Learning how to gain self confidence is like fishing with a fishing  rod, in a way. Let me explain. have you ever tried to fish with a fishing rod  and you see something happen. You reel in to see if something happened. You find  the fish has broke lose. You get pissed and throw it back in the water. This  happens 5-10 times before you catch anything. In the mean time your friend is  pulling up the fish every single time and he is laughing of joy. He is  patient... he knows that when the fish bites, it takes a little bit of time  before the hook is 100% attached. The point here is that, if something doesn't  work for you, throw the rod back in and try again. When you want to give up the  most, you know you are the closest!

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