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How To Regain Self Confidence

Your self confidence or your self worth is something that is influenced by your  immediate family, your friends and the environment you live in. When you were a  baby and cute, you felt the love from mom and dad and that stayed with you from  childhood until adulthood. If you were an unwanted child, your mom may have  given you up for adoption for different reasons, at that point in time, your  life and self esteem may have taken a different turn. The first step to  regaining your self confidence is to learn about yourself as much as you can to  see where you are coming from then start applying some self love to remove all  the years of build up hatred for self.

The adopted child mind you, may have a loving family, which can actually be  better than the biological one. We know of adopted children who are living the  good life with loving and supporting parents, such as Nicole Richie who starred  in Fox reality television series The Simple Life. These are exceptions rather  than the rule. Many children who grow up in foster homes have a history of low  self esteem due to the fact that many of them were moving from one foster home  to the next without having the chance to develop a family bond such as having a  father or mother image with brother and sisters.

The person who is now a teen-ager or an adult is going through live with no self confidence and little love from others, will start to think that he/she is  worth nothing. Your self image will suffer badly because you think that no one  cares about you. Little friends that you have may be taken advantage of you and  may even be abusing you by calling you names and what not. You have no respect  from co-workers and employers due to the fact that you are subconsciously  sending a message of "pick on me" to the general public.

Remove low self image and build success!

You too can be successful in life, with money, good jobs, a loving family and  friends in all walks of life who respect and admire you. You can't control the  past, but you can surely control your future. The first step to regaining your  self esteem is to develop a healthy and positive self image that will lead to  positive self esteem. Take note of your weak and strong points and start working  of your weak points.

If you are fat, lose some weight. Dress smartly, that will boost your self  confidence. Remind yourself often of past accomplishments, do some daily  positive affirmations, associate with positive people and more importantly be  kind to yourself. You will start seeing changes in your life by changing the  image you have of yourself. A positive image will bring positive changes and  regain of self esteem.

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