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Dental Hypnosis-How it Works

There are at present several thousand dentists throughout the country using hypnosis. They have formed their own society and publish a quarterly journal,  The Journal of the American Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry. One of the best books in this field is called  Dental Hypnosis Handbook  by Jacob Stolzenberg, D.D.S.

An excellent article is "Danger! Hypnotherapist at Work" by M. Abramson. The author reviews briefly the pros and cons regarding the medical use of hypnosis. He concludes: "It is the author's opinion, based on an extensive personal experience of over 15 years, that the use of hypnotherapy by a physician or dentist who has been properly trained and who uses this technique strictly within his field of competence carries with it no more (and probably less) 'danger' than the use of many other  techniques of treatment used in medicine today."

3 videos on dental hypnosis:

Dental hypnosis- Dr Mike Gow


This news clip shows an interview with dentist Dr Mike Gow about the hypnosis case which was shown on BBC2's 'Alternative Therapies' where a woman had 2 teeth extracted and 2 implants placed with no local anaesthetics- just hypnosis!

CPD For Dental Courses. Revolutionary Dentistry Courses Including Dental Hypnosis

www.AMDAtraining.com - Dental courses, with dental cpd, designed to teach the valuable skills of dental hypnosis and NLP so that dentists can lessen patient anxiety while effectively persuading patients to take up more effective private or aesthetic procedures. More videos are provided in this series of dentistry courses. Visit www.AMDAtraining.com for more

Dental Hypnosis with Sue Weinert Hull, Scott Sandland & Roger Moore ~ Hypnosis Health Info

These videos are provided by www.hypnosishealthinfo.com Visit our blog at hypnosishealthinfo.com Dental Hypnosis With Sue Weinert Hull, Scott Sandland &Roger Moore ~ Hypnosis Health Info. Welcome to Hypnosis Health Info. You've found the best online source for information about hypnosis. At HypnosisHealthInfo.com we feature a wide variety of solutions to many health issues from an array of expert hypnotherapists. There you can experience hypnosis and even learn how to hypnotize yourself ...

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