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Nervous Cough-Getting Rid of Nervous Coughing

Nervous cough, also known as habit cough, is difficult to get rid of. It is a type of psychological phenomenon which is triggered when a person is facing some stiff or tough time in the personal and professional life. Nervous coughing is correlated with stress. People report to have faced nervous cough mostly when the conditions around them become extreme. Most of the time patients are not able to recognize that their coughing is actually not normal coughing but is nervous coughing. Because people are not able to identify this problem and its triggers, it becomes chronic and hard to cure.

Now, I would like to introduce you to my friends and professional therapists from Hypnosis Downloads. Let's see what they have to offer:

Hypnosis can help you get rid of an irritating nervous cough and generally feel more relaxed

Have you become self-conscious about coughing or clearing your throat when there is no real reason to?

Do you find that it feels impossible to stop doing this merely by effort of will?

First, it is very important to check with your medical professional whether there is any physical or medical condition underlying this behavior before considering psychological approaches.

So called 'nervous habits' tend to develop without our noticing them. It's as if our bodies and minds autonomously generate an external 'response' to certain situations. We are most unlikely to notice the very first time we respond in this way. Or the second time. Or even the tenth time. But sooner or later we realize (all too commonly because someone else makes a comment) that this habit has become fixed.

Why it doesn't help to look for the 'cause' of a nervous cough

Many people get anxious when they become aware that they have acquired, without any conscious decision, an unwelcome automatic response like a nervous cough. They start looking for deep psychological explanations and think that, if only they can 'get to the root of it', they will be able to 'sort it out'. This is rarely a useful approach. Even if you know exactly what the initiating 'cause' was, this won't help you stop.

This is because unconscious behavior like this is generated in the 'unconscious' part of the mind. The conscious mind can shout all it likes that 'this must stop', the unconscious mind will continue on stubbornly with its patterns unless a change is made at the unconscious level, where the pattern started.

So how would you do that?

Using hypnosis to deal with unconscious responses

The best way to access, and modify, unconscious patterns is through the state in which they were generated. That is, hypnosis.

You may not have realized you were 'hypnotized' into producing this automatic response, but this is in fact a very good way to understand what happens. Something in the initial situation (it doesn't matter what exactly) created an automatic 'emotional link' between that sort of situation and this response. So now, whenever you unconsciously sense that you are in a similar sort of situation, you produce the response.

And with hypnosis you can successfully 'unlink' this connection again.

Hypnosis is the best and fastest way to change nervous habits

Stop nervous coughing is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists specifically to help you comfortably 'de-program' unwanted automatic habits.

This highly focused session will teach you how to interrupt the automatic pattern before it gets going and replace it with a much more comfortable way to handle those previously 'triggering' situations.

As you listen regularly to your download, you will notice that you increasingly

  • feel more relaxed about life in general
  • have a greater sense of control
  • experience more and more times when the cough simply doesn't happen
  • begin to forget that you ever had a problem

Download Stop Nervous Coughing and put it all behind you.

Stop Nervous Coughing

Narrator: Roger Elliott
Length: 23:58
Download Size: 10.98 MB

$14.95: Click Here to Download:

Additional information:

Symptoms of Nervous Cough

Symptoms of nervous cough are persistent dry coughing. This contrasts with productive cough, which is more probably caused by infections of the respiratory tract, or by chronic or acute pulmonary disease. Because of the mechanism of habit cough is primarily psychogenic, coughing tends to by non-productive, or dry.

Nervous cough is never taken lightly by doctors, because before diagnosing nervous cough, some serious health problems in the respiratory system needing careful and sometimes urgent attention for complete cure, have to be ruled out. It has been noticed most of the times that persistent cough is just an indication of some infection in the upper respiratory tract. In cases the cough persists for a long period of time doctors always initiate differential diagnosis for preventing conditions from worsening.

It is very important to take into account that in adults with chronic cough, the diagnoses of nervous cough, habit cough or psychogenic cough can only be made after an extensive evaluation has been performed that includes ruling out tic disorders and uncommon causes, and cough improves with specific therapy such as behavior modification or psychiatric therapy.

Current expert recommendations state that in these cases, psychological counseling of psychiatric intervention should be encouraged. And it is here where hypnotherapy or self-hypnosis can play an excellent role in the improvement of symptoms of nervous coughing.

This is why it is advised that if any of you feel something like a very dry cough then you must not avoid that condition. Visit the doctor as soon as possible so that if anything is seriously wrong can be treated on time. Nervous cough is not a serious disorder but it becomes chronic if there is no treatment provided. Your stress can take a toll of your life if you allow the conditions to stay. Do not let your stress become life taking. Visit a doctor and find a solution to your dilemmas regarding nervous cough.

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