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Speaking In Public: 5 Public Speaking Tips

Public speaking is one of the number one fears among everyone from high  school students to experienced business professionals. Getting up in front of a  crowd and giving a speech or other presentation strikes fear in the hearts of  even those who are otherwise confident. There are some ways to get past the fear  and giving a successful presentation, though. Here are some tips for public speaking:

1. Preparation
Make sure that you are prepared. This does not simply mean  having your index cards on hand and a bottle of water at the ready - though  those are important, as well. Don't wait until just a few days before your  speech or presentation to begin preparing yourself. Learn your presentation by  heart, so you can continue without skipping a beat if you happen to drop your  notes or forget them at home. Check your supplies the night before. Make sure  you have your notes and anything else you might need so you won't panic the next  morning.

2. Stay in Control
Gain control of the audience as soon as possible. Make  them laugh or have them participate in a question that applies to your subject  in the presentation. This will immediately place you in a position of control.  It will also make your speech more memorable.

3. Speak to Someone
The most frightening part of public speaking is the  fact that it is in front of a crowd of people. Even the most seasoned of public  speakers get a chill down their spine with confronted with a hundred people  staring at them in silence, expecting them to make a coherent presentation.  Forget that you have a crowd there. Choose one person out near the center and  make your presentation to him or her, pretending that there is no one else in  the room.

4. Use Visual Aids
If you are the only thing the audience has to  concentrate on, you are the only thing they will be paying attention to.  However, if you have visual aids - such as handouts and pamphlets or a  PowerPoint presentation, for example - their eyes be on you much less. You can  also refer them to the visual aids and relax in those moments of not being  watched.

5. Own Your Feelings
Trying to pretend that you aren't nervous is not  going to work when you're sweating and your heart is pounding. Ignoring how  nervous you feel is not going to make it go away, and neither will dwelling on  it. Acknowledge to yourself that you are having some anxiety about your  presentation and get on with it.

Public speaking doesn't have to be a ride on the adrenaline roller coaster.  Keeping these tips in mind and preparing yourself sufficiently for the  presentation go a long way in helping you to speak confidently in public.

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