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How To Secretly Hypnotize People In Three Steps With Covert Hypnosis

Covert Hypnosis: The Basics

A story about daily life covert hypnosis. How do you grab hold of a person’s mind and thoughts? How can you guarantee it’ll work? Do you want me to keep asking you questions in order for you to understand that you ask questions.

Or do you get it?

Step one: You ask hypnotic questions!

And hypnotic questions are not those silly one line answered questions like “What’s your favorite color?” or “where do you work?” No. You need to ask open ended questions that the person cannot possibly answer using one line like “red” and “McDonald’s.”

Covert hypnosis examples

Here are some examples:


“What is it about x that you find most satisfying?” “What is it about x that you find most fulfilling?” “What’s the process you go through when…” “What’s the story behind that?”


“How do you know when you…” “How is it that people can…” “How do you allow yourself to…

And once you get the other person talking about themselves, how do you keep the conversation flowing?


Step Two: “Elaborate That Please”

No. You don’t directly say that to them.

But a popular way to keep the flow of things going, and getting them to continue to talk about them is you simply repeat the last thought they have.

After you ask a question a person has to put thought into, you need to “exhaust the thoughts and feelings” on the subject. You’ll notice as you apply this technique, that in an entire evening, you could be talking about only 2 subjects it works so well.

Let’s look at how this covert hypnosis conversational technique works.

Suppose you asked someone “What is it about this place that you find most satisfying?”

And they reply “Well, I think it’s the atmosphere. I just really appreciate the beautiful artwork, the nice people… there’s just this sense of peace and well being here that I just can’t help but to feel drawn to.”

(They pause for two seconds). KEY POINT: To be sure that a person is done talking, always wait for two seconds to pass. Nobody likes to be interrupted.

So let’s start over. They say: “Well, I think it’s the atmosphere. I just really appreciate the beautiful artwork, the nice people… there’s just this sense of peace and well being here that I just can’t help but to feel drawn to.”

You say: “Feel drawn to?”

They continue: “Yeah. It’s like when I’m not here, I’m always thinking about this place. I really enjoy it. So I guess I just feel a link with this place.”

You introduce your hypnotic interpretation: “Oh, so you enjoy this place so much that even when you’re not here, you’re thinking about how nice it would be to be here because you feel it’s calling you saying hey, Lisa, come here because it’s so relaxing and refreshing for you.” She responds “Yeah!”

You continue… “Isn’t that interesting how certain things can do something like that to you? Like, have you ever met someone that you knew right away was a person that you were going to like instantly? And the more you talked to them, the more you felt this wonderful “click” inside you that just draws you to be with this person even when you’re not around this person? Much like how you have this connection with this place, you can have those same feelings with a person you find yourself totally attracted to, as well?”

“Now, you have to admit… it makes you wonder how those processes work. What is it exactly that you process inside that makes you feel like you need to be in this person’s presence because you feel a strong attraction to this guy?”

She starts again… “Well, I think it’s more or less the feeling you get. Like, when I’m around a guy who I’m attracted to deeply, yes, it’s true. I think about this guy all the time when I’m not around. I wonder what he’s doing, how he’s feeling. If he’s thinking about me, too. You know.” (Laughs.)

You ask “thinking about you?

She continues… “yeah. You know. Blah blah blah.” See how easy this is? You could go on all night interpreting what she says and using their keys.

How do you use their keys?

Step Three: Using Their Keys

You can use what other people give you as you ask them questions because if you listen carefully, they’ll reveal to you exactly what you need to know to use to your advantage.

Traditional style covert hypnosis entails the use of language patterns. Something like “Now as you find yourself feeling all those wonderful feelings of connection with a guy, I’m wondering how fast you can allow yourself to just STOP… and imagine a time in the future, say, years from now still feeling those incredible feelings, if not even you feel it more and more to the point where you just can’t help but to be in love with this guy. Now, I’m not really sure if you can feel all those feelings, but my friend was telling me how the best part is when you can just allow yourself to feel those feelings right now, instantly, for all of your own reasons.”

But we have found out through applications and studies that it doesn’t always have to be YOU talking hypnotically. In fact, the idea that people will associate the feelings they have around you is a powerful discovery. Think about it.

Suppose you’re meeting a potential lover. You want to covertly hypnotize them to feel attracted to you. In the old days, you could use a covert hypnosis language pattern like the above example.

But today, you can use the evolved method of covert hypnosis and ask open ended questions that allow you to get them to talk about their own feelings of attraction. As they describe it to you, they’ll automatically associate those feelings with you. So it’s even easier as a covert hypnotist to let them do all the talking. You don’t have to say much at all, and they’ll hypnotize themselves!

If you’re in a relationship right now, what if you asked them who their favorite actor was? What if you asked them in a covertly hypnotic way “Have you ever when you were growing up had a strong attraction to an actor? And you knew that if he/she walked in and asked you to be with them that you’d drop everything to spend the rest of your life with them?”

Suppose he/she reveals to you who it was. Well, it only makes sense to do your research and pick up some of their behaviors and watch how it tantalizes them about you. They literally begin to link all those feelings to you as you do it.

You’ve successfully used their own keys… Their own powerful emotions. What you did was secretly link them to you!

The above process is the process you can use to take control of a person’s brain, then introduce feelings, hypnotic suggestions, hypnotic interpretations of what they’re describing and hypnotic patterns.

As you study every word of this article and its simplicity, go out in the real world and begin to apply covert hypnosis!

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