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All those who have been involved in yoga for quite a long time must have felt sometimes that they are in a trance state. Such state of trance offers them tranquility and silence which allow them to experience a world which is calm and relaxed. Many regular yoga workers have expressed such an experience while doing asana like shav asana. This asana is done in the beginning and the end of the yoga session. This asana actually relaxes the body, mind and soul of a person and this is how it calms them down.

When regular yoga workers do this asana with sound concentration and complete devotion feels hypnotized. Yoga has not many times linked with hypnotism and vice versa but the two have some deep connections. We always feel hypnotized or into a trance phase when we are doing some work with full concentration and devotion. This is how when a person is practicing yoga with full perseverance and ardor they feel mesmerized. Yoga can be a more powerful and effective way to hypnotize you and also stay healthy. Yoga and hypnotism if amalgamated can be a perfect concoction which provides great health and hypnotizes for providing relief and peace. 

Yoga can be compared to meditation in this case. Just like meditation yoga can also take you into a trance state.  Reaching a trance state through such therapies is very rewarding because it relaxes and unwinds a person naturally. Yoga and hypnotism can redeem you and offer you a new path provided you take up the initiative for taking them up.

Jay Sri Krishna from Namaste, album Magical Healing Mantras:

Namaste is a group of 25 musicians from around the world to come together to create a collection of mantras dedicated to the vision of Indian spiritual teacher Osho, who taught philosophy in his homeland before coming to the west to give instruction in meditation and other transformational practices. The result is Magical Healing Mantras, a soothing and nourishing album of Indian devotional chants. Like a soft rain at the window, the gentle but steady rhythms of mantras' seven tracks lull ...


Kundalini Activation

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Awakening of Kundalini. Kundalinis are currents of life forces that are related to 3 initial Hova Bodies, shields, and matter densities and also to first initial dimensions. These dimensions and shields are in total referred to as universal Kundalini. Telluric Currents, Doradic and Telluric are the 3 kundalinis that are embodied. All these kundalinis are 3D currents that work in Unisom. These all are also called triadic currents. Very basic definition of kundalini activation is that we can activate our kundalini and when we do so the entire positive energy of the universe gets accumulated at our spine.

Kundalini activation is a very powerful therapy which can bring in good luck and energy in your life. The entire experience of kundalini activation is satisfactory and astounding. The effects that this therapy or activity brings in our life are profound and persistent. Kundalini activation benefits a person by surmounting universe’s energy for his use so that he can be calm and composed and yet materialize his dreams and aims. Creativeness arises in a person who undergoes kundalini activation. He feels that he has gained an entirely new and different perspective to visualize life.

A person is also able to find answers to some of the most important and difficult questions that arises in our life. Kundalini activation has a healing effect in the life of a person who practices so. It heals him and redeems him from his mistakes. It gives a therapeutic feeling and opens new avenues to be observed in life.

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