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Give Yourself Whatever Suggestions You Want

Here are the suggestions you can use for the second part of this test. "As I continue to count to ten, I shall find that it will be impossible for me to raise my legs. I shall try at the count of ten, but it will be absolutely impossible to raise my legs until I count to 15. At that time, I shall be able to raise my legs easily, and the heavy feeling will leave as well." You then continue with the count, giving yourself appropriate suggestions. Once this test is accomplished, you use the visual-imagery technique to see yourself accomplishing the hand levitation test--No. 5. Be sure you give yourself the posthypnotic suggestion that the next time you hypnotize yourself, you will fall into a deeper and sounder state.

I'll assume that you have been able to get a relaxed, heavy feeling in your legs. You have reached the count of five and are ready to proceed further. Here are sample suggestions you can use: "Six ... My legs are becoming extremely heavy. Seven ... I'll be unable to lift them until I count to 15. Eight ... I feel very comfortable; my legs are becoming heavier and heavier. Nine ... My entire body is completely relaxed, and my legs are so heavy that they are impossible to lift. Ten ... I'm in a very deep hypnotic state, and it is absolutely impossible for me to move my legs until I count to 15." At this point, you actually try to raise your legs. If you can't do it, you have reached the cataleptic stage.

Should you not be able to raise your legs, don't become frightened. All you need to say is: "I can now move my legs." You could also say: "As I count to three, I'll be able to move my legs." However, since we have elected originally to be able to move the legs at the count of 15, it would be best to follow out this pattern. You could at this time merely continue to count to 15, at which time you would be able to move your legs. I prefer giving suggestions between each count as follows: "Eleven ... The heavy feeling is leaving, and I shall be able to raise my legs at the count of 15. Twelve ... I can feel the heavy, relaxed feeling leaving. Thirteen ... I am beginning to move my legs. Fourteen ... I am lifting my legs more and more. Fifteen ... I have perfect control over my bodily functions and legs; I am lifting and moving my legs; the heavy feeling is dissipating; I am in complete control; I can now give myself posthypnotic suggestions that will be very effective and beneficial." Give yourself whatever suggestions you want at this time.

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